What a CRAZY few months it has been. Our vocabulary has increased, adding words such as “shelter in place”, “social distancing,” “flattening the curve,” “self-isolation,” epidemic, pandemic, quarantine, Coronavirus, and Covid-19. What hasn’t changed is that God has blessed us in ways we could never have imagined. We give all glory to Him for His marvelous provisions!
How has your life been affected by the major upsets in our daily routines since the onset of Covid-19? Have you felt unsettled? Wondered what was coming next? Have you worried about the unknown? This is how many on the spectrum live their lives every single day.
Establishing routines for people with autism can help lessen their anxiety and help them feel more in control of their lives. This might be as simple as posting a written schedule of events for the day, discussing upcoming changes well in advance, or creating a visual schedule. Most importantly, however, is realizing that the little bumps in the road we experience can be monumental for those on the spectrum

New Adventures.

The news and social media have focused on the gloom and doom of the situation. Yet many inspirational stories have highlighted the resilience of our folks on the spectrum and their families. For instance, Jessica, Garrett, and Morgan share how they have been able to rise above the temporary frustrations. They have seen God at work in their lives during these unprecedented times. 
Given extra time with her boys, Jessica has experienced a much closer bond with them. They have discovered and learned new ways to cope with the challenges that life can sometimes send our way. For example, they have enjoyed new adventures in hiking, homeschooling, and experiencing the great outdoors. Jessica admits that she has a new appreciation for teachers and school staff. She and the boys have learned a lot from each other including their abilities to rise to the challenge.
Jessica also shares how she has been inspired by the community at large. We have witnessed the humanity of our friends and neighbors truly becoming the hands and feet of Jesus. For instance, we have seen an outpouring from the community for small businesses and for the essential workers. We have also seen encouraging birthday parades to help our friends celebrate their “shelter in place” birthdays. Creativity has been heightened as we have come up with ways to improve the lives of others such as the “Heart” and “Bear” hunts throughout our community. Jessica and her boys have sensed the presence of God during these past several weeks, what could have been a very trying time has turned into a time of immense blessings!
In conclusion, life has thrown us an unexpected curveball with Covid-19 but the results have not crushed us. The way we choose to look at life can make all the difference in the world. If we choose to focus on the negative in our situation, we can find ourselves deep in despair or we can choose to see the opportunities within the challenges that come our way. We pray that you will keep your spirits high and look for the silver lining in every cloud!